Does your organisation need analytical talent?

Smart Vision Europe and Analytical People are delighted to announce a joint resourcing collaboration to help our customers meet the growing demand for analytical talent in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Why is recruiting analytical professionals difficult?

There’s a big skills gap in analytics at the moment – a growing number of organisations urgently need staff with analytics skills and experience, but demand massively outstrips supply. There simply aren’t enough skilled analysts to go around. Anyone can say that they’re a ‘data scientist’ but how do you know that they really have the skills that they say they do? It’s hard to be sure you’ve recruited the right person when you can’t easily to evaluate their analytical skills yourself. And just getting someone who understands analytical techniques and statistics is not enough. You need talented analysts who can connect their technical expertise to business problems in a practical and innovative way. Your data is one of the most precious resources that you have and you’ll be making critical business decisions based on your analysts’ recommendations so it’s vitally important to make sure that you have the right person. This is where Smart Vision and Analytical People can help.  

What’s different about us?

Offering over 20 years of experience of delivering advanced analytical services and leading analytical teams, we understand the complexity of recruiting and retaining analytical staff and the challenges involved.  This is where we can help.

  • We are all data science practitioners ourselves – between us we have decades of analytics experience working in all kinds of organisations and have experienced first-hand the challenges which can arise when recruiting analytical talent. Because of this experience we really understand how important it is for you to get the right fit for your organisation.
  • We’ve been working in the analytics community since its inception – this means that we have access to a global network of proven talent that we can draw upon in order to get you the right person for your needs.
  • We’re experienced at using a wide range of analytics tools ourselves – this hands-on analytics experience across a range of different platforms gives us a depth of knowledge that we can use to evaluate the skills of potential recruits very effectively, so you can be confident that the analyst you hire will have the skills and experience to do everything you need them to do, whatever technology you’re using or platform you prefer.
  • We have all worked in many different organisations at many different levels – so we know from first-hand experience that successful analytics isn’t just about having the core analytical skills in your organisation – it’s also about having leaders who are analytically-literate. We can help you recruit the right person for the job at every level in your organisation, from graduate entry-level data analysts through to chief analytics officers and at every stage in between. We can also help you develop your existing staff – we have experience in recruiting graduates and developing them to become skilled analysts, as well as helping experienced non-technical staff develop their understanding of analytics.
  • We are highly specialised – our focus is solely on data and analytics so we can offer in-depth insight, experience and knowledge that other firms simply can’t match.

Who would benefit from working with us?

We can help you whatever your situation, whether you’re currently building up your existing analytical resource, or you’re thinking about how to develop analytical expertise in your organisation from scratch, or you’re moving your analytics capabilities in house. We can help you answer the following questions:-

  • What roles and resources are affected as we develop our in-house analytics skills?
  • What profile, experience and skills do we need to recruit?
  • How can we develop our analytical skills base in a way that’s scalable as our business need grows?
  • How can we select the right technology to enable our analytics team to work most effectively?
  • How can we best manage an analytics project and what resources will we need in order to complete each stage of it successfully?
  • How can we ensure that non-technical stakeholders will be able to clearly understand the value that predictive analytics will deliver to our business?
  • How can we effectively measure success in our analytical recruitment efforts?

We can help you find whatever you need

Whether you’re looking for full time and permanent staff, fixed term contractors, part timers or freelance resource for a particular project, we can help. We’ve sourced appropriate resource for all kinds of positions including:-

  • Statisticians
  • Data analysts
  • Data mining consultants
  • Customer insight analysts
  • Data scientists
  • Data managers
  • Analytics managers
  • Chief analytics officers

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