Database marketing

Predictive analytics has many applications for marketers. Applying predictive analytics to both your outbound and inbound marketing campaigns can reduce your costs and increase your response and conversion rates. Many marketing departments are already doing some basic analytics but predictive analytics helps you move beyond just using simple business rules or RFM selections towards more sophisticated approaches such as propensity modelling, behaviour segmentation and next-best offers.

Our Predictive Analytics for Database Marketers webinar covered:

  • How to use IBM SPSS predictive analytics software to prepare and model your marketing data
  • Practical examples of how other organisations have used predictive analytics to enhance their marketing campaigns
  • The best way to address the challenges and opportunities of outbound (proactive) marketing analytics versus inbound (realtime) decision making
  • How to use cluster analysis to drive more sophisticated segmentation strategies
  • How to automatically generate  next-best offers to maximise response and revenue from your customers
  • Practical advice on how to get started with the data you already have

You can access the slides from our last event here – Predictive Analytics For Database Marketing 270114. Also check out our events calendar and sign up for a future webinar or seminar to find out more.