Thank you

Thank you for your interest in our free key driver analysis plugin. To access it simply click to download the zip file below. Instructions on how to install the tool are given in the installation guide and we have also included a guide which gives some advice regarding how to perform key driver analysis. Each of these links will open the relevant document in a new window.

Click here to download the key driver analysis free tool

Download a guide to installing the key driver analysis plug-in here

Download a guide to how to perform key driver analysis 

Once you have installed the key driver analysis plug-in you will need to restart SPSS in order to activate it. We hope that you will find it helpful. 

If you would like any advice or help with your analysis then our SPSS Boost service may be of interest to you. An SPSS Boost session could be anything from a chat over the phone to few hours of consultancy and hand-holding to a fully personalised training plan. It entirely depends on your needs and what would best help you get the most from your SPSS license.